Italian food: eat, eat, eat during your holidays. What is your favourite meal of the day?

How to enjoy authentic Tuscan food during my holidays?

An important aspect to enjoy holidays in Tuscany is gastronomic. In general terms, when we change our eating habits, our body normally adapts without problems, within a day or two. On the third day, if we have not implemented the gastronomic issue with our digestive system then it begins with the first unwanted manifestations that can interfere with our idyllic holidays.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this aspect. When we talk about Italy, Tuscany, the “buon cibo” vacation, good food becomes a primary theme. For Italians mangiare breakfast, mangiare lunch, mangiare dinner, and sometimes even snack is vital. Disadvantage, everything is great. When my clients write to me to come to a Villa in Tuscany or to live the Palio experience, one of my questions is?

Are you a person of dinners? Long and hearty breakfasts? Or, light lunches? Depending on your priorities, we will select aspects of the rich Italian gastronomy to implement in your Tuscany vacation program.

Whereistaymyself Accommodation strives to find and engaged to the right balance between tourist preferences and local culture.

We will find the best for you,


See you soon,

Mónica G del Canal



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