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Palio tickets 2021 and Accommodation

From the heart of Siena The Palio is celebrated every year.
There are two Palios each year:
2nd of July and 16th of August

Picture by C. Vermeil 2017


The Palio of Siena is probably the most exciting historical event in the world that still can be attended.

Jacopo M della Torre (https://www.jacopodellatorre.com) has being offering the tickets to see the Palio of Siena for over 15 years, with a lot of passion, as it could not be otherwise.

To find out the suitable tickets to see the Palio, you "need to integrate with the Sienese", and after years of good work, Jacopo M della Torre has the best spots: balconies, terraces, grandstands and windows.

The Palio experience is different when it is followed from the grandstands, a balcony or a window. However, the most important is to be aware that you just don't go just to a show. There is a reality that you can be a part of, and that is the point of view that Jacopo offers all his clients.

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Stay during the Palio

After all these years offering the Palio, friendships has been forged with some of the palaces' owners in Piazza del Campo. In addition, we established friendly relationships with those who own villas in the tuscan countryside and unique hotels in the center of Siena.

That's why we offer the best accommodations for your stay in Siena and the Tuscany countryside. Without doubt you will enjoy, appreciate and respect them as much as we do.

We have three types of accommodation during your stay in the Palio:

Accommodation in the historic centre of Siena

During the Palio the city vibrates with power. Staying in the heart of Siena will make you feel part of its energy.

Accommodation in the surroundings of Siena

For those who choose to discover Siena and enjoy the wonderful Tuscan countryside, we offer accommodation having both features. You will stay so close to Siena that you can walk there strolling around

Accommodation in Villa Toscana Siena

We know that our villas are for special people: those who are looking for an authentic experience in Tuscany

We want to meet you, share and live this amazing place as it deserves: with all our admiration