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The enigmas of Piero della Francesca paintings in Tuscany

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Villa a Sesta, Siena Surroundings

Your stay in Siena should take at least 5-6 days to know the historic centre and visit the surroundings. After leaving its walls, you will find just a few kilometers away the wonderful Tuscan countryside, where there is no place for chance. This is why you need some time to enjoy it. As well as driving along the little roads, we recommend… Read More

Charming accommodation in Tuscany

Nowadays, when you searches the network for accommodation you can find a massive proposal with lack of character. They are standard environments that only bring emptiness. And unfortunately, this seems to be spreading! According to our lifestyle, we are forced to search for an accommodation every little time. The reality is that you must spend more time in the network to find a place that is worthy, with character and… Read More

Museum Santa Maria della Scala, the medieval jewel in Siena

The historic centre of Siena has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. You can feel a marvellous experience just strolling within the medieval walls of the city. Siena always has something to offer. One of its jewels is the Museo Santa Maria de la… Read More

Restaurante Locanda Demetra in Montalcino

More than 15 years ago, our friend Giovanni, moved from Northern Italy to Tuscany for love. During the last years we have willingly collaborated with him and his famous wine tours in Montalcino. We remember when he presented us his new project in 2016: a ruined house covered in bushes. Or rather, as he imagined it: a beautiful country house in a extraordinary place and very close from Montalcino, with a wonderful orchard and fruit… Read More

Touching the Essence of Tuscany

Tuscany is an italian region with some characteristics that make it desired, lived and felt for centuries. The big tour operators use La Toscana as a great product: the more tourists come, the best for the company (and money). Tuscany must be listened to and cared for. When we are unselfish with it and its people, it offers us its reality and… Read More

Steam train around Siena

Wonderful! You can still enjoy a steam locomotive that runs through the Sienese valleys and villages of Tuscany. Since the beginning of the 20th century travellers have enjoyed the Orchia Valley in this third class train as if time had stopped. It has a capacity for 80… Read More

Life in Contrada, Siena

It is in the days before the Palio of Siena, when the contradaiolos (inhabitants) externalize their activity. You could even be part of Contrada’s life at one of the outdoor dinners they organize. With good food and drink, the contrada members organize themselves and create a unique atmosphere. Behind this fabulous… Read More