About us

About us

A nomad of Europe since I was 18, I’ve always striven for the authentic in all my experiences and adventures. It was in fact by "knocking at the doors" in Siena and Pamplona that all started: meeting inhabitants and owners, spending time with them and forging lasting friendships. I slowly managed to “be there, but without the crowds”, which would become the philosophy behind my tour operators.

With twenty years of experience, we are now leading figures at the Palio in Siena, the Sanfermines in Pamplona, at Venice Carnivals, the "Semana Santa de Sevilla" able to grant our clients some insider views and experiences which only locals would otherwise enjoy.

On this occasion, we want to share our experience of authentic "holidays accommodation" in La Toscana. I’m very glad that such amount of insider knowledge is also feeding the guidebook collection published by Jonglez: “Toscana Insolita e Segreta” (Secret Tuscany) in which I collaborated. This new website is dedicated to all those travelers who, like us, want to know the essence of the place they visit, who want to enjoy authentic accommodation over the world.
All accommodation listed here is of proven quality offered by people we personally know. Far from the large digital platforms that offer standard locations, we love "our homes" for several reasons. We make an effort to show each traveler what they can best fit into. That’s where we chose to stay, that’s what we’ve loved while spending our spare time. It is our challenge to make these places know to those who know how to appreciate them.

Our plan is to provide the select accommodation options, and, according to your choice and requirements, develop a personalized activity program that will allow you to enjoy your stay in Tuscany.

We don't see a big difference between our work and our holidays: when our work is a big pleasure, in the end it becomes time to enjoy, a very pleasant holiday!

Welcome to our world and Happy experience in Tuscany!

Jacopo Mauro della Torre y Mónica G del Canal

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