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Holiday villas in Tuscany

the crème de la crème

After many years touring every inch of Tuscany, I have a selection of holiday villas/country house/rural house/B&B in Tuscany, close to Siena that I know very well; their owners are friends of mine and they stand out above the rest. This privilege has allowed me to know the personality of each accommodation, in short, it is nothing more than a reflection of the personality of each owner. All of them are very different but something that have in common is that they work with great enthusiasm and passion.

My challenge is to provide the most pleasant holiday accommodation solution possible in each particular case, accompanied by a selection of personalized recommendations that contribute to an utterly delightful and memorable stay.

In others words: my job is get, in each case, the right balance between your personal requirements and preferences with the right personality of the accommodation accompanied by a program that embodies the authenticity of the local tuscany culture.

Historic villas that were formerly used as residences for nobility can now make for perfect large space for family, summer gatherings. Old convents and monasteries where peace and silence prevail, and today, converted into a unusual accommodation. Villas refurbished as luxury vacation residence, include a rural house suitable for animals with a garden and swimming pool where you can enjoy full privacy. Other possibilities include an inherited castle in an uninhabited borgo (burg: little town), a rural B&B 600 meters away from a tiny medieval village with a private small church, a farmhouse in a family village where generations of farmers live and are longing to show the rural essence of chianti wine, olive oil and Tuscan ham production, a rural hotel on the top of the hills that was formerly a monastery for centuries, a family castle with unimaginable views, a burg with a horse-ranch...

They are nestled in the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes, with stunning views and near by to Siena.

Holidays, family meetings, anniversaries, groups of friends, weddings...definitely, ready for special encounters in a natural environment of absolute beauty and peace.

They are mini paradises where to experience Tuscany: generous delicious local breakfasts, Toscana-Italian cooking lessons, home-made pizza for dinner, the chef services, tasting the finest wines, sunset meals, horses, castles, trekking, painting lessons, cycling, extreme yoga lessons, shiatsu massage, relax...