I stay

Our villas in Tuscany

Wherever you come from...
because life is wonderful.

We personally know each of our villas. All of them tell us a beautiful story.

They have been built to be inhabited by those who wish to stay in Tuscany, those who smile every time they meet the authentic and beauty of each place.

Its owners work hard, with a lot of passion, and that is their secret.

Some characteristics of our villa

Our villas have its peculiarities that make them unique. The standard has no place for us.

You can choose between historic villas used as nobility's residence, villas designed for family summer gatherings where at least three generations met, the ones refurbished as a luxury residence, a rural house where you will enjoy full privacy, a inherited castle in an uninhabited borgo (burg: little town), a farmhouse in a family village where generations of farmers live and want to show the rural essence of chianti wine, olive oil and Tuscan ham production.

They are nestled in the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes, with beautiful views and very close to Siena.

Family meetings, groups of friends...definitely, ready for special encounters in a natural environment of absolute beauty and peace.

They are small paradises where "almost everything is possible": Toscana-Italian cooking lessons, home-made pizza for dinner, sunset meals, horses, trekking, relax...