Thermalist, a perfect plan. Hot springs in the South of Tuscany

We need a car, be happy to get lost in the Valle d'Orcia (Unesco Heritage) and a road map.
In the south of Tuscany, among its gentle hills conceived as a rest for the eyes, olive groves and groups of cypress trees that follow one another symmetrically, we find about thirty natural hot springs with public and free access.

First Etruscans, followed by Romans and later pilgrims from medieval Europe arrived from the Via Francigena to Rome. All of them knew the relaxing and healthy effects of the thermal baths in the province of Siena thanks to Mount Amiata, a volcano that, without eruptive activity, still has an important thermal activity.

Here is a brief description of some of them:
This is an example of fortified baths from the Middle Ages; the stone ruins and the cloud of steam that floats in the air give it a suggestive and dreamlike atmosphere. The thermal water forms small natural pools at various levels and that in the lower areas end up merging with the Farma river, reducing the temperature that rises to 43º. 25km from Siena. We are in the Basso Merse nature reserve, with a beautiful rural landscape ...

It owes its name to the Romans and an ancient legend of the god Saturn, who, in anger with man, threw a lightning bolt, making 37º sulfur water sprout from the Amiata crater. A stream of thermal water of 1 km runs through the forest covering numerous stepped pools that breaks with a jump of about 4 meters. This is one of the most visited for its beauty. It is convenient to visit it at sunrise or sunset when a magical atmosphere takes over the place.

If you want to relax in a thermal water pool inside the forest, you should go to San Filippo Bath. Japanese people who love the forest baths where you not even  need water,  do not have words to describe this special place.

About 10 km from Bagno San Filippo is the small village of Bagno Vignoni, whose square is a 49-meter-long thermal water pool, making it unique in the world where the square is a natural hot spring. There are two natural pools of public access.

For the less adventurous or if the weather does not allow it, etc. there are spa establishments (centers) and luxurious and modern spas that offer thermal waters.

I am dedicated to creating individual programmes for my visitors to this incredibly beautiful part of the world and provide you with all the advice you need for a guaranteed experience of the hidden (non- touristic) parts of Tuscany. 

I will guide you to characterful accommodation and plan with you that it does not exist in the book guides: authentic local food experiences, private classic music concerts in a castle, ancient sites, sailing trips, yoga, tai chi and health spas, the amazing Palio horserace, for example. We will go to the homes of noble families in Siena through connections with wonderful people I have known for many years.

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Thermalist, a perfect plan. Hot springs in the South of TuscanyThermalist, a perfect plan. Hot springs in the South of Tuscany

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