Slow, slow, slow: Unique accomodation and connexion with the authentic tuscany through slow thematic tours

After all these years touring the Tuscan region, I am still amazed by the contrast between the Tuscan cities and  towns and the rural life just outside its walls.

Florence, Siena, Arezzo, San Gimignano ... places where art, history and beauty surround you again and again. If one decides to leave its walls, one finds a rural environment where its inhabitants, throughout history, have passed the witness of the value of nature and the environment, living with it in a more than harmonious way.

These words may not be enough to convey that visiting and enjoying the rural areas of Tuscany at a slow travel is more than healthy; It is a gift that if we do it we will be infinitely grateful.

Making a base or staying in a Summer House or Villa in Tuscany or, in the city of Siena, will depend on the personal preferences of each one that we will listen carefully to in order to offer the most appropriate accommodation options in each particular case. In addition, knowing rural Tuscany through sustainable experiences on the subject will allow you to enter the intensity of the Tuscan terrain and be aware, through some stories of its inhabitants, of the great value of their local culture.

Experiences that leave their mark: a day with cashmere goats made in Italy

Recently I have been able to enjoy a day in the field again with my friend Nora, her 150 cashmere goats and 12 watchdogs. In the face of spring, the goats are beginning to shed their cashmere so after going out for a walk with them, observing their sustainable work in the fields, we have returned home to rest and savor the delicious vegetable soup she had prepared, some cheese and Chianti wine from her friend's winery. After eating, we proceeded to collect the cashmere fibers from the goats that they no longer need: a wonderful experience from so many points of view.

Trying on the cashmere shawls and pashminas that he has in the workshop, I realize how much their owner loves these goats.

Yes, Slow Fashion!

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