Unique accommodation in Siena and near Siena

Nowadays, when you searches the network for accommodation you can find a massive proposal with lack of character. They are standard environments that only bring emptiness. And unfortunately, this seems to be spreading!

According to our lifestyle, we are forced to search for an accommodation every little time. The reality is that you must spend more time in the network to find a place that is worthy, with character and history. In the main pages of Google only appear the bigger digital platforms that offer lists of standard accommodation despite the filters. That is why it is hard to find what you are looking for.

Our work is far away from these large digital platforms. We suggest accommodation in which we have stayed, have slept, have enjoyed and, finally, we have selected to those seeking real experiences.

Tuscany is the region we know the best and we consider it a place to come back. Our proposal includes charming hotels in Siena and in the Tuscan countryside, some villas, luxury places, rural houses... all of them are authentic and unique.

We are here to share our experience and to help with yours! We wait for you!

Monica G del Canal

Unique accommodation in Siena and near Siena

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