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When to enjoy the white diamond (white truffe)? Next Autumn: Top experience in Southern tuscany

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Tuber magnatum pico (white truffle) is the world's most coveted mushroom

Exquisite hypogeal fungus in the shape of a tuber, fleshy and surrounded by a thin crust. It lives in symbiosis with the roots of some trees. It is collected in some regions of Italy during the months of October to December. Its pungent aroma, unique flavor, and uniquely wild production make it the most coveted mushroom in the world. Its high culinary value is a claim for the most select palates who dare to indulge themselves luxuriously.

To know the origin of the truffle we go back to the beginning of civilizations. Expert paleontologists found vases and papyri dating back to 1,000 years BC in Egypt. that document in detail how to prepare this mushroom. In Greece in the 4th century BC, in Tuscany the Etruscans and later in the Roman Empire, the truffle was considered one of the most exquisite wild delicacies. According to historians, it was believed that where lightning struck truffles were formed; reason was not lacking because if the rain is abundant, the truffles develop more easily.

NEW Tailor-made program to enjoy white truffles in Tuscany

The white truffle (il tartufo bianco), a masterpiece of nature of which through a unique journey we will know its composition, in what fields it grows and how it reproduces. We will witness its harvest, we will learn to recognize the frauds that surround it and, above all, how to enjoy it at the table. All this from the hand of local experts who are passionate about this wonderful product and in the incomparable setting of southern Tuscany.

Season: October, November and December

Proposal: Immersion in the world of white truffles in Tuscany, an instructive, gastronomic and cultural experience

Duration: Recommended a minimum of 4-6 days, between October and December

Information: info@whereistaymyself.com


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