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Touching the Essence of Tuscany

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Tuscany is an italian region with some characteristics that make it desired, lived and felt for centuries.

The big tour operators use La Toscana as a great product: the more tourists come, the best for the company (and money).

Tuscany must be listened to and cared for. When we are unselfish with it and its people, it offers us its reality and beauty.


This is our starting point: we do not want large masses of tourists in flip-flops following an umbrella-guide. That is not Tuscany and it does not deserve it.

We want to meet people who, like us, want to discover the authenticity of each place, of the inhabitants with deep respect, admiration and joy.

Knowing the essence requires being willing to be part of the place and loving it. For that, our contacts are people who have chosen Tuscany to live, who love it and offer their homes with professionalism.

Our target is to show all those places we know well and, whether they are unusual or secrets, make sense for who want to live the essence of Tuscany.

We will suggest you places to visit, sleep, eat, have a drink, go for a walk ... because it matters where you sleep, what you eat, where to stay. Places with atmosphere, with personality, with stories to tell where everyone is invited to have their own adventure.

Finally,  I would like to say that there are many "Toscanas" to discover.

From now on you are ...