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Steam train around Siena

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Wonderful! You can still enjoy a steam locomotive that runs through the Sienese valleys and villages of Tuscany.

Since the beginning of the 20th century travellers have enjoyed the Orchia Valley in this third class train as if time had stopped. It has a capacity for 80 passengers, 3 tons of coal and the water needed for the machine.

Cozy wagons, wooden seats perfectly restored, a particular sound, its speed, its smell of coal, its history... everything in harmony with the Nature. It allows you to love the Tuscan landscape and get closer to the popular festivals: the festival of oil, autumn, wine, ... the Etruscans' route and medieval markets.

                                                        Those little things with good taste....just the best of the best!

Each Year, the train works from March to December. You can contact and check the schedule in the following Travel Agency in Siena: 


Agenzia Viaggi
Visione Del Mondo di GJS Srl
Via dei Termini 83
53100 - Siena 
Tel.: +39 0577 281834 / +39 0577 48003
Fax: +39 0577 281834