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The enigmas of Piero della Francesca paintings in Tuscany

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Piero della Francesca is "one of the greats", well ahead of his time; his works contain symbols and messages that fascinate those who manage to enter. Some of his masterpieces are to be found in the Tuscan region. I have followed in his footsteps, and he has perplexed me.

It is worth visiting the town where Piero della Francesca was born: Sansepolcro and seeing some of his frescoes in the civic museum of Sansepolcro: the Polyptych of Mercy (Polittico della Madonna della Misericordia and the fantastic work of The Resurrection of Christ (La Resurrezione) where an athletic and very attentive Jesus Christ is shown.

In addition, in Sansepolcro, there is the Aboca laboratories museum with exhibitions of natural herbology: a tour through 12 rooms that expose the history of medicinal plants and health throughout the centuries. It has a library on botany with some 2,500 volumes of alchemy, pharmacopoeia, natural sciences and ancient recipes. Available to studios upon prior request. 

A few kms in Monterchi, the birth town of Piero's mother, is one of his most majestic works: the Virgen del Parto (the Madonna

del Parto): its light, its delicate colors, its perspective, its symmetry and “beauty peasant ”show the greatness of Piero. As a curious note, women in a "state of good hope" are admitted free.

We continue on to Arezzo, where the frescoes of the Cappela Bacci (Bacci Chapel) in the Basilica di San Francesco detail the Legenda de la Vera Cruz (Leggenda della Vera Croce). The first night scene in Italian history can be seen in the "Dream of Constantine".

Always in Arezzo, go to the cathedral where his painting La Magdalena is found, of secular beauty and an extraordinary naturalness and modernity.

In Florence, at the Uffizi Gallery, we contemplate the diptych, painted on both sides, with the almost geometric profile portraits of the couple: The Dukes of Urbino so close to Piero. This is one of the first Renaissance portraits and where the union of Italian and Flemish style is revealed. We can appreciate the famous nose of the Duke of Montefeltro and not for this reason stop contemplating the incredible detail of the duchess's jewels.

If at the end of the experience you want to share it, it will be a real pleasure.