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Restaurante Locanda Demetra in Montalcino

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More than 15 years ago, our friend Giovanni, moved from Northern Italy to Tuscany for love. During the last years we have willingly collaborated with him and his famous wine tours in Montalcino. We remember when he presented us his new project in 2016: a ruined house covered in bushes. Or rather, as he imagined it: a beautiful country house in a extraordinary place and very close from Montalcino, with a wonderful orchard and fruit trees.

Every morning, he took his wicker basket and walked through the fields and hills of Montalcino analyzing and studying the flora. Then his special garden came.

With dedication and enthusiasm, young Giovanni and his family turned the place into what it is today: our favorite restaurant in Montalcino, Locanda Demetra. In there, real-food is cooked with selected raw material and is accompanied with a large selection of Tuscan wines. This is a family restaurant with just 5 tables that we visit every year. In addition, from Siena to Montalcino there is almost an hour by car to drive and to contemplate the landscape. A great show that it is never enough!

You are invited!

Ristorante Locanda Demetra 

Podere La Buca, 221. 53024. Montalcino, SI.

Telefono: +3905771503199.