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Unique accommodation in Siena and Senese Tuscany

Tailor made holidays

Whereistaymyself accommodation is synonymous with “special places to stay in the province of Siena, Tuscany”.

Whereistaymyself accommodation was born from the observation “if I find and enjoy a special place in Tuscany, why not recommend it to others? If I also have the inside information of how best to enjoy a real holiday, why not share it?

According to your personal preferences and being aware of the personality of each accommodation I am dedicated to creating personalized and unique programs for a bespoke vacation in Tuscany:

Holidays in Tuscany Villa near Siena (Villa + Tuscany Holidays Program)

Accommodation in the old town of Siena (Hotel + My personal tips)

Palio Siena Experience (Hotel + Palio Tickets + Special tips)

My suggestions save you hours and hours on the web searching for the perfect place. If you want to enjoy an interesting holiday*** in the most beautiful Tuscany of all, leave it to me. I will send you the most suitable options to enjoy a memorable experience in Tuscany. All the accommodations and activities proposed have been selected after my previous personal experience, leaving no room for unwanted surprises.

***Non-touristy, standardized holidays with exclusive information to experience the authentic Tuscany: exclusive thematic tours, access to private classical music concerts, culinary experiences not open to the public, visits to private properties of noble seneses, my personal list of recommended restaurants...

My objective is to contribute to creating unique moments and I am convinced that people still make the difference.

Welcome to our world and Happy experience in Tuscany!

Mónica G del Canal